This article guides you to the key steps of this process, naturally VAT4U & SRXP can support with this each step of the way.

If you are already familiar with VAT4U are need a brief summary on how to get integration started, skip to step 5...

1. What is VAT4U?

VAT4U is Europe's leading automated VAT refund platform. We provide an operating system to manage the VAT recovery on your expenses. VAT4U brings most of its added value on foreign VAT of course, however, you can also consider to use VAT4U for managing your VAT recovery on domestic travels, in the case you are not doing it already...

2. Can I inject other invoices that are not in my SRXP reports?

Of course - VAT4U allows you to add expenses directly into the platform, even if they are not relevant for SRXP. You can also import data from other systems in case you have a significant volume of expenses that are not covered by your SRXP T&E process.

3. How can I start?

Creating your VAT4U account is free and takes less than 5 minutes. Just click here and let's get started! 

4. How much does it costs?
VAT4U charges a fee based on the VAT amount you reclaim. We offer three different service plans: BASIC, SILVER and GOLD. you can find more details here. We recommend to our customers to start with the GOLD service for two reasons:

  • we take care of all the process (no impact at all on your workload)
  • we help you improving your T&E process and compliance to maximise your VAT refund potentials

You need to know that the usage of our application is 100% free of charge, until you want to send (submit) your VAT claim to the tax administration.

5. Now, what are the next steps?
The on-boarding process is very lean & simple. If you decide to start using VAT4U services in parallel to SRXP, the next steps are the following (we disclose here the time estimates on your side):

  • Create your VAT4U account here (5 min)
  • Grant access to on your SRXP account. Please contact SRXP if needed and inform us when it is done (5 min)
  • On request, our team will review your data and come back to you with an assessment on your VAT potentials, the level of compliance of your invoices and some eventual recommendations to improve your VAT refund potentials. (0 min)
  • According to the result of this phase, scenarios can be seen (time depends):
    1) Everything is "perfect": VAT4U will directly start the importation and processing your VAT refunds on the basis of SRXP reports;
    2) Invoices are not compliant - VAT4U will guide you to get compliant invoices for the future;
    3) Invoices are compliant, but the data captured is of poor quality: VAT4U will process the invoices of most important value (based on statistical results) and guide you to adjust your process for the future.
  • You need to grant us access on your Tax Administration portal (Digiport - VAT refund section). This will secure the connection between your system and the tax administration systems. (10 min)

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