Every year more than 10 billion Euros are lost by companies & individuals since they are not recovering Value Added Tax on their foreign expenses…

What is VAT4U?

VAT4U simplifies your travel expense management process & automates your VAT recovery – stop losing money while travelling with Europe’s first automated VAT refund platform.

What can I do with VAT4U?

Get a significant increase in your bottom line through VAT reclaim. While billions of Euros are lost every year from not reclaiming VAT, billions are also gained through VAT refunds!

VAT4U transforms a complex process into an easy-to-manage online solution; users can upload, import or register their foreign expenses and VAT4U manages the rest. 

We monitor over 2000 VAT rules in the European Union & beyond, and submit your VAT claims to the relevant tax administrations.

Who uses VAT4U?

  • Business Travelers
  • Companies with business travel & international operations 
  • VAT Specialists & Agents 
  • Tech & ERP Software Providers 
  • Travel Industry providers

What sets VAT4U strides apart from alternatives?

Unlike a mix of disconnected & poorly paired solutions, VAT4U has covered all bases and brings everything you need together to help you understand, carry out, and successfully reclaim your VAT on business travel, no matter who you are...

With a global network of VAT experts, supporters & various international partners, as well as being europe's leading VAT refund software, our clients receive unparalleled support and tools to ensure success!

Don’t waste money when traveling - claim your foreign VAT back with VAT4U! 

Get started by registering for free:

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