Why VAT4U needs your business activity (NACE code):

The tax administration requires this information to assess your entitlement for VAT refunds. In fact, some specific businesses may be considered out of scope of the refund. This information is mandatory.

The NACE code is an official code, corresponding to an official business activity. The NACE code list is defined by the authorities of the European Union. 

How to pick the correct business activity on VAT4U:

VAT4U displays the official list of business activities related to the NACE codes. Most companies doing business within the EU know their NACE code (if you don't, ask your accounting team if they are aware of it)...

Nace code: G45.1.1
Business activity: Sale of cars and light motor vehicles (this is the information to select on your VAT4U companies' profile)

What if you don't know or do not have any NACE code(s)?

In the case that your company is not officially using a NACE code, you may select the activity that is the most relevant to you business. To help you find the correct wording of this activity, the EU administration provides a pdf document that will help you - download the pdf here.

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