VAT4U needs some information about the claimant (comapny claiming the VAT) to process your VAT claims. Some of these data are transferred to the tax administrations while generating your claims.

The company details have to be updated only once and you can modify them at any time.

A. General information

Company Legal Name
Full legal company name.
Example: Technology Group Ltd. ; Muster GmbH or Another Test, Inc.   

Official street name of you business. If your company (or your client) is using officially POBox, please enter this instead of street name.
 Norman Way;  Trumpington St.; Speditionstraße or POBox 78596

Building Identification
Number of the building.
Example:  55; 2A; 556 - 558

Postal Code
Example: 51601, BA 5986, NW6 5AH

Example: Cambrige; Berlin; Atlanta

Telephone number with country code and area code  
Example: 00442081234567 or +442081234567

Example: Australia; Japan; Czech Republic 

Company Reference numbers for claim

  - only for companies outside EU

Applies only for foreign companies claiming in Germany.

It is a reference number that the tax administration gives to applicant for identification. If you (or your client, if you are Agent), have already made claim in past years, you should have a reference number. The number is used each time you make a claim.

B. Bank information

Details about your bank bank and your account . If you are Agent, the information are depending if the refund of your client should be send to your clients' bank account or your account. 

Bank Name
Full bank name.
Example: Barclays Bank PLC.;  HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited

Bank Country
Example: Australia; Japan; Czech Republic 

Bank Address
Complete address: street, post code, city, state
Example: 104/108 Tower Bridge Rd, Bermondsey, London SE1 3PF, UK or
103 avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75419 Paris Cedex 08, France

Select if you want to use Agent bank information for refund

For Agents only - when clients are using Agent to submit there claims as well receive refunds on there Agent account.

Bank Account owner Name
Full name of the account owner.
Example: Muster GmbH

Company contact email address

International Bank Account Number - is a number attached to all accounts in the EU countries plus Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

Bank Identifier Code - identifies the beneficiary's bank
Example: DABAIE2D

Bank Account Currency
Example: EUR; GBP; AUD


If you are Agent, the information are your client’s details. 

Select tax state - this information is for German companies only.
Example: NW - Northern Westfalen

Tax Number
Enter Tax identification number which is issued to your company (or your client) in the state of origin.
Example: Germany - XXXXX/XXXXX; Slovakia - ICO XXXXXXXX ; USA - 9XX-70-XXXX

VAT Number
Value Added Tax Identification Number s an identifier used in many countries, including the countries of the EU, for value added tax purposes. When you (or your client) are not VAT registered, please re-enter again your Tax number.
Example: Denmark - CVR  8 digits – e.g. DK99999999; Iceland - VSK / VASK 6 characters - e.g. IS1234567

D. Activity list

If you are Agent, the information are your client’s details. 

Choose your Business activity. The activity and code can be chosen from NACE Code list of EU. NACE Code is the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community.
Nace code:
Business activity:
Sale of cars and light motor vehicles (this is the information to select on your VAT4U companies' profile)

If you need more information about NACE Code, please read here a dedicated article.

E. Company documents

VAT4U may request some additionnal documentation to process your VAT claims. You can upload these docuemnts in this section.

Make sure to upload at least the copy of your company tax certificate.

you are Agent attached Power of Attorney to proof to you mandate act on behalf of applicant.

Make always sure that the data entered are all correct. Should any of the information change, make sure you have updated the data.

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