VAT4U offers to Agents the possibility to import multiple companies instead of setting-up each of them one by one. This process helps to create the basic account details of each of the companies (before submitting a claim for a companies, you will need however to provide the complete client's information).

Where is the import function?

You can access this feature from your Agent dashboard (make sure you are not inside a child company). 

  • Click on Manage companies
  • Click on Import Companies

Which kind of data can be imported?

VAT4U can import .csv files. This file can easily be created from Microsoft Excel (you simply need to save the file as a csv coma delimited.

How to complete this excel layout?

The csv file must follow a certain layout (download the layout here).

The mandatory fields are indicated in red the file while the optional fields are included in black.

Don't forget! save your file as a CSV coma delimited file with excel. Only CSV files can be imported in VAT4U.

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