Good things first, you don't need to pick any expenditure code when using VAT4U! 

Our application applies smart algorithms that automatically select the expenditure codes that are most appropriate for your transaction.

By law, there are 10 such codes. Member States may, however, require further sub codes to be used in respect of each of the above to the extent that such information is necessary due to any restrictions on the right to deduct in that Member State:

  1. Fuel.
  2. Hiring of means of transport.
  3. Expenditure relating to means of transport.
  4. Road tolls and road user charge. 
  5. Travel expenses, such as taxi fares, public transport fares.
  6. Accommodation.
  7. Food, drink and restaurant services.
  8. Admissions to fairs and exhibitions.
  9. Expenditure on luxuries, amusements and entertainment.
  10. Other.

In some cases VAT4U will request a narrative description of the goods and services. Unless otherwise highlighted, English is a common option for our free text fields.

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