Activate EU VAT refund service on your VAT portal in the UK (HMRC)

The access to the EU VAT recovery service does not come by default in your UK HMRC account. You need to activate it to be able to submit EU VAT Refund claims.

This request to HMRC can take several days and should be done in-time to not miss the annual VAT recovery deadline!

👉 Login to your HMRC Business Account and click on Manage Account and Click on "Get online access to tax, duty or scheme"

👉 Add the service "Another VAT Services"

👉 Select "EU Refunds"


👉 Indicate the appropriate details and validate

🙂 If you get a confirmation that your request is processed, your have successfully requested access to EU VAT refunds!

You need to delegate the access to the EU VAT refund to VAT4U. Click here to see how.