Activate VAT4U access to the VAT portal of The Netherlands

Follow the following steps to enable the access of VAT4U to

👉 Why is this required?

If you use VAT4U to submit VAT refund claims from The Netherlands to another EU country where your company is not VAT registered it is necessary to activate a delegation to VAT4U on the Dutch Tax Administration portal named "".

Note: In the Dutch portal, you have the possibility to grant access to the VAT refund section only. VAT4U will not access any other area.

👉 Who should activate the delegation?

This delegation must be made for the Dutch established company for which you wish to obtain E.U. VAT refunds.

👉 Who will get access?

VAT4U has an active account on the Dutch TAx administration Portal. The delegation consists of granting access to VAT4U to this portal.

👉 Activate the delegation step by step?

Note: You will need to login to the Tax Administration portal mentioned below with your Dutch VAT number and password. These credentials have been provided to you by the tax administration. Getting access to your Tax Administration portal or registering to its services (e.g. VAT Refund) is not under the responsibility of VAT4U. Please contact your tax administration if needed or the person who is currently responsible for managing your VAT claims.

  1. Login to the portal

  2. Click on "Instellingen"

  3. Click on "Intermediairs"

  4. Enter the VAT4U ID on "Btw-identificatienummer"

    You can copy-paste the correct VAT4U ID.

    If you are served by VAT4U HQ (Germany), use: NL824307732B01
    If you are served by VAT4U Netherlands, use: NL858964296B01

  5. click on "intermediaire toevoegen" to validate.

🙂 If you reached this step, it means that the delegation is done!