Add A User

You registered on VAT4U and created your first company. Now you want your team members to be able to login and access company (or more companies) you just set up.

VAT4U has dedicated module for handling all Company & User settings.

Inviting and Assigning users to companies you manage

When you want to assign user to company you manage, or invite your team member to one or more companies you set-up follow this short guide.

👉 1. Go to Settings / Users

You will land on page with all users visible to your account level. At this page you can see active users, deactivate user, check to which companies user is assigned and add new user. You can read more about managing users and permissions (:link:)

👉 2. Click on "ADD NEW USER" button

Next, you will see page similar to image below.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 11.32.52

👉 3. Start by typing user email in first input field labeled "Type user email here"

VAT4U recognises two possible situations here.

  • If user is already available available in your account (e.g. User already invited to at least one company you manage)
    In this case VAT4U will look-up for user email as soon as you start typing, and present you with option to select user.
  • You are inviting user for the first time to one of your companies.
    This case requires valid user email to be presented before next step.

👉 4. From the list of companies check one or more companies

According to your preference, you can invite/assign user to one or more companies.

👉 5. For each selected company, pick appropriate user role

As soon as you check one company by clicking in "Select" column checkbox in corresponding company row you will be able to choose appropriate Role for your team member.

Picking appropriate role will help you better manage information security.

Batch Processor role is one with the least privileges. It can only process batches of invoices assigned through Tasks by other users of the application. This role cannot see companies, add new invoices or create VAT claims.

Data entry role can simply add or modify expenses and expense documents, including mass data import and connection to other data sources.
Administrator role can modify all company settings, invite users, create claims and manage claim lifecycle.
Tax Manager role can view or modify expense data, create claim or adjust claim data. Tax Manager role can't modify company settings.
Auditor role have read only access to all company resources, including expenses claims and other documents.

👉 6. Finish by clicking on "Send Invitation"

After you finish setting up user roles for invited team member, click "Send Invitation" button at the bottom of the page.

After this final step invited user will receive email with details of your invitation. With click on a link in email user will be able to set up account if user was not previously registered on VAT4U.

In case you are inviting existing VAT4U user process is the same with exception that user will just need to accept your invitation directly form invitation email.