Danish companies - How to authorise VAT4U to act as your Representative

Danish businesses using a representative to apply for a VAT refund must select this representative in E-tax for businesses.

👉Why is this required?

It is necessary for the representative to have access to the VAT refund area of the claimant’s account. This is done by specifying the representative’s CVR/SE number and authorising the representative to that area. It is only possible to select representatives who are registered with the accountant scheme in E-tax for businesses.

👉Who should authorise VAT4U?

 The claimant, i.e., the Danish company, should authorise VAT4U as their representative to apply for VAT refunds on their behalf. 

👉How to authorise VAT4U as your representative?

  1. Log on to E-tax for businesses using your Cvr-se-n° and password. LOGIN PAGE
  2. Click  'Profil- og kontaktoplysninger'   (Profile)
  3. Click 'Rettigheder til TastSelv' (E-tax rights)
  4. Click 'Autoriser revisor m.fl.' (Authorise accountant etc.)
  5. Follow instructions a to f.
    1. In the drop-down list 'Indberetningsområde' (VAT declaration field), select 'Momsrefusion' (VAT refund)
    2. Click the blue arrow to the right
    3. Enter the SE/CVR number of the representative/VAT agency
      If your representative is VAT4U HQ (Germany), use: 13148414.
    4. Click the blue arrow to the right
    5. Enter end date
    6. Click 'Gem' (Save).

✔️You have now authorised your representative.