Where do I get information about my VAT claims

In VAT4U we keep an electronic file with all your information around your VAT refund claim. This includes an overview of the transactions inside your claim and all supporting documents, from claim confirmation via queries to decisions.


👉 1. Go to 'VAT Recovery' - 'Manage VAT Claims'

  • Click on 'Claim ID' in order to select the VAT claim,

  • Check all your VAT claim data in one place.


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👉 2. 'Overview' contains a summary of your claim

  • Header information includes the unique reference number issued by tax authorities,
  • Table information presents all transactions on a line-by-line basis with the refund status.

👉 3. 'Queries'

  • List of all requests for further information by the tax authorities,
  • Preparational documents,
  • Answers including additional information (means of communication, dates and tracking numbers).

👉 4. 'Decision & Appeals' 

  • In case decisions are issued, this is the place to store and find them for later reference,
  • For our Gold customers, VAT4U will update the data.

👉 5. 'Attachments'

  • File folder for any kind of documentation submitted during the VAT claim process (e.g. claim confirmation, decisions).