Documentation required for GOLD accounts outside the EU.

This article presents the documentation that must be provided by the claimant company to VAT4U when VAT4U (or a representative) is acting on behalf of the claimant company.

👉 3 documents required

In other to process your VAT claims, VAT4U require some mandatory information and documentation. This information must be handled with due care and provided on time to our support department.

In total three documents must be provided:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Tax Certificate
  • Original invoices

👉 Power of Attorney (POA)

In order to authorize VAT4U to submit your VAT claim and represent your company towards the Tax administration, we need to receive the appropriate mandate. Please, download here our standard Power of Attorney ("POA") that needs to be filled with your company information, signed, dated and stamped by a legal representative of your company.

It is important to tick all the boxes of the document. In some countries, a specific POA is required (e.g. mainly in Eastern European Countries).

In some cases VAT4U may require a certificate issued and stamped by notary.

👉 Tax Certificate

This documents is requiered to prove to the Tax administration that you are registered company and tax payer in your country of establishment. Provided by your local Tax authorities, this document must include the following information:

  • Name and address of official authority
  • Legal name of your company
  • Nature / bussines activity of your company
  • Full address of your company & country
  • Registration / Tax number
  • Issuing date, stamp, signature of the tax officer
  • Expiration or validity of the certificate

This certificate might by provided to VAT4U every year.

👉 Original invoices

For companies who are established outside the European Union, the original invoices must be submitted to the Tax administration together with your VAT claim independently of the amounts engaged.  Any invoice for which the original invoice document is not provided, will be discarded of you VAT claim by VAT4U or will be rejected by the Tax administration. 

In case the original invoice is not a paper document, but an electronic file received from the supplier, you will need to upload a copy of this file on VAT4U.

👉 Where to send / upload these documents?

  • Step 1: Uploading the copies of the documents on VAT4U

POA as well as the Tax certificate must be uploaded in the section Edit Company data. Invoice copies can be uploaded to each invoice. However, the ORIGINAL documents must be submitted to the Tax Administration!

  • Step 2: Sending originals to VAT4U 

All original documents (POA, Tax Certificate, Original invoices) must be shipped to your VAT4U contact address (by registered letter if possible). Check our contact addresses on our map.

Please inform us about the tracking number of your shipment and the provider.

  • Step 3: VAT4U sends originals and VAT claim forms to the Tax Authorities. 
You will get notified by our system when your claim has been submitted.