Guidelines for joining a VAT4U webinar

In the following, we have compiled frequently asked questions regarding our webinars.

What happens after registering for a VAT4U webinar?

After registering for our webinar, a few minutes later you will receive a confirmation email with login details for the day of the webinar. We are also sending you a reminder 1 hour before the start of the webinar. If you do not find those emails in your inbox, please make sure to check your spam folder! In case you did not receive any emails after registering, please send a message to

How do I join the webinar?

In the confirmation email as well as in the reminder email, you will find a link that takes you to our webinar platform. You do not need to download any application in advance. The webinar link will open in your default browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari.

Prior to the webinar, you can test your computer settings with the following link: Here, everything with regards to the system check (in the left column of the page) should be displayed with a green checkmark. If this is not the case, please update your corresponding operating system or web browser. This way you are well prepared for easily entering our VAT4U webinar.

Once you are entering the webinar platform, you are asked to fill in your details (name and email address). Your information will not be displayed to other participants.

Next, you will be asked to unmute the sound of the webinar speaker.

vat4u webinar

Your own microphone and camera will stay turned off during the entire webinar!

How can I ask questions during the webinar?

During the webinar, you have the opportunity to ask topic-related questions in the Q&A section. Please make sure to click on the question mark icon before entering and submitting your question. Our speaker will answer questions at the end of the webinar. If you have general questions or remarks, please make sure to click the chat icon before entering and submitting your message. Your name will not be displayed when your question is published to the speaker and the audience.

clickmeeting chat-EN-frame

If you have any follow-up questions after the webinar, please do not hesitate to send an email to the webinar speaker (contact details are displayed at the end of the webinar) or send a message to


How do I exit the webinar?

In the upper right corner, please click on EVENT BOARD. You will then see a red button to exit the webinar platform. Please be so kind to fill out our short survey on how you liked our webinar. Thank you.

clickmeeting attendee board-EN-nochat