How to add a customer account (iOSS)?

By customer account, we mean a company account for which the iOSS number is required (e.g. Seller shop, platform, etc...). One intermediary will have multiple accounts (its clients).

👉 How to add a new account?

The creation of an account must follow the link provided to you by VAT4U. You can use and share this link with your customers.

VAT4U team should have provided you with this link. If you lost it or would need to get it again, please send us a request to

👉 Who should create the account?

There are two reasons why you will probably want to create an account and use this link: because you want to target a new customer and ask them to provide to you all the information you need to kick off with the iOSS project, or because you already have a customer and will use VAT4U to support you with their iOSS registration and/or declaration process.

  • Option 1: Ask your customer to setup their account (for new clients)

You need to share the link provided above with them. This option is very useful to ease and structure the collection of information from your customer. In fact, your customer will be asked to provide online all the information required to start with the iOSS. 

  • Option 2: Create the account yourself (for existing clients)

You can use the same link but you will have to populate the information yourself.

💡 Where can you see the accounts and underlying information?

Once a form has been populating two things happen:

1. The customer and you receive an email with the information.

2. The account is created in VAT4U. you can control all your accounts here