How to check the status of a VAT refund application in the Spanish Tax Agency portal

By accessing the portal of the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT), it is possible to find out about the status of a claim and download query/decision documents.

👉 Go over the notification email from AEAT

Once a refund application is electronically submitted to the Spanish Tax Agency, a notification email is sent to the claimant/agent. This email contains necessary data to check the status of the application in the AEAT portal.

email v12

  1. Referencia

  2. Versión
  3. Link to be used to check application status

👉 Get into the Spanish Tax Agency portal

Follow the link in the email to get into portal and fill in the requested data.


portal 11


A. Customer's country of establishment

B. Customer's VAT number

C. Country of refund - Spain / España

D.  Reference received when submitting the claim

E. Check email received from the Administration

F. Leave empty

G. Exact amount of VAT claimed

Press 'Continuar'

👉 Get Notification from the Tax Authorities  

Click on the link to open Notification about query/decision (PDF file).


PDF v4