How to manage your expenses

VAT4U helps you to visualise and manage any invoice saved in the system and allows you to export that information into a report.


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👉 Go to 'VAT Recovery - Manage Expenses'

An interactive table displays all expenses that are linked to the companies you manage. Here you can:

  1. Set filters to see the information that you need, for example, select one of your companies, the period in which the invoices were issued, the vendor, the country of the expense, the refund status, etc.
  2. Customize the view by selecting or deselecting the field/s you want to display. For example, you may choose to see the values in euro or in the local currency.
  3. Export your selected data into a CSV or excel report by a single click.
  4. Check if an invoice is ready to be injected into the VAT claim or if it is incomplete because some mandatory information is missing to process it.