How to set exclusion reasons for non-compliant invoices

While processing invoices, you may encounter invoices that are not compliant. In VAT4U, you have the possibility to select reasons for excluding invoices from further processing.

👉 Start batch processing after setting filters

Go to VAT Recovery > Manage Expenses > Filter your expenses as needed > Press Start Processing

👉 Edit invoices from your batch & set exclusion reason(s) if necessary

1. If you want to exclude an invoice from further processing, click Move to Exclude

2. Pick one reason or multiple reasons for the exclusion of the invoice > Press Move to excluded

👉 Continue batch processing

When clicking Next on the bottom right corner, VAT4U will automatically save your changes and directly open the next invoice from the invoices you filtered. You do not have to come back to the expense table to find the next invoice you want to process.


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