Approve a VAT claim from Draft to Queued

VAT4U offers the possibility to save a VAT claim as "Draft" status before approving it. When approved, the claim status will be changed to "Queued" and processed by our systems.

👉 1. Open your VAT claim

  • Goto to the main menu and choose Manage VAT claims

  • Select the claim ID you want to verify and approve

    Approve claim 1

👉 2. Verify your VAT claim

  • Open your claim that is in Draft status

  • Check if the content of the claim is correct

  • Open single invoices when you want to verify precise details

    Approve Claim 3

    💡Tip: Navigate to the different tabs of the VAT claim to view different elements (Overview, Queries, Decisions & Appeals, Attachments)

👉 3. Approve your VAT claim

  • When everything is ok, tick the box ☑️ I have downloaded and verified the claims details

    Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 17.04.08

  • When you tick this box, the claim will be automatically approved ans status changed to Queued.