Upload invoice copies to VAT4U - Option 1

Mass data upload of invoice copies to VAT4U for further processing.

VAT4U offers a simple and secure way to upload a large number of invoice copies to VAT4U. The batch upload is for sharing information with the VAT4U team. It does not replace the import of data from a report.

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👉 1. Go to 'VAT Recovery - Add Expenses'

  • Select the company for which you want to upload your invoice copies
  • Select "Mass data import"
  • Click on "I want to transfer file to VAT4U team for further analysis
  • Click on "Launch file upload"
  • Drop your file into the browser field or click the field to open explorer
  • Upload your files in zip format

👉 2. Check 'Upload queue'

  • The status will indicate that a file has been successfully uploaded
  • Uploads can be deleted if needed
  • List of 'Existing files' shows all uploads for your company including the status
    • Uploaded: file is uploaded but not yet processed
    • Under review: file has been taken by VAT4U for further processing and analysis
    • Processed: file has been processed
    • Failed: file could not be processed

❌ Original invoices may still be needed

Please remember that for some VAT refund claims it is still mandatory to submit the original paper invoice to the tax authorities with your claims. The upload of invoice copies to VAT4U does not waive your obligation to keep originals according to the local accounting standards.