Process filtered invoices one after the other

This article describes how you can optimize the data entry and invoice verification process. This feature makes sure that when you save your invoice, the system will open the next invoice to be processed according to YOUR logic.

👉 Where can you find this feature?

From the expense table list, you will see a new green button named "Strat Processing".

 ðŸ‘‰ What is this button doing and how to use it?

Assuming that you have filtered the expenses you want to start working on according to your logic, instead of opening them one by one, you can click on Start Processing. VAT4U will then open the first invoice of your 

1. Filter invoices following your logic and click on Start Processing

Let say for example that you would like to work on all invoices from the vendor Europcar that are still Incomplete:

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We call a "Batch" the invoices you filtered. In this example, we filtered 16 invoices in this example

2. Edit the first invoice from your Batch

As usual, verify the invoice and its data, and don't forget to save it when you are done..Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 18.45.01


Did you notice that VAT4U shows you the invoice you are working on from your batch. In our example, we are editing the first invoice out of 16.

Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 18.45.01-1

3. Click on Next to open the next invoice from your Batch.

When clicking Next, VAT4U will directly open the next invoice from the invoices you filtered. You do not have to come back to the expense table to find the next invoice you want to process.

We hope this feature will be useful! 

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💡Did you know that you can assign a Batch to someone by using VAT4U tasks? 
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