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Access to Dutch Portal - Request login details for VAT refund claims from other EU countries

Companies need to request the activation of the VAT Refund Portal before submitting their first EU VAT refund claim.

How do I request access?

You need to request login details for the special internet site where you can reclaim VAT from EU countries. Before requesting login details, please check if you are eligible to claim VAT back.

👉 Download [pdf]: Request login details for a refund of VAT from other EU countries

Forgot login details?

Have you forgotten your login details? In that case, do not fill in this form, but request the information via the BelastingTelefoon from the Dutch Tax Authorities. They will then send you the login details within 10 working days.

Fill-in instruction

You can complete this form on your computer. This requires Adobe Reader version 9.0 or higher. Then you must print, sign and send the form.

Return address

Send the completed and signed form to: Tax Authorities/Central Administrative Processes, UDEB Team User Support, Antwoordnummer 20001, 6400 XS Heerlen. It is recommended to also send the form by email to ... in order to speed up the registration process

What happens next?

You will receive by regular mail two letters with your login and password. The process takes up to one month. Therefore, it is recommended to request this access as soon as possible in order to allow a timely submission of foreign VAT refund claims.

I am an intermediary. How do I get access to claim on behalf of my customer?

Are you a tax intermediary, and would you like to request login details to reclaim VAT from EU countries for other entrepreneurs? Download the form, Request login details for intermediaries for a refund of VAT from other EU countries.

⚠️ Pay attention! To be able to reclaim VAT for your customer from other EU countries, your customer needs their own account. In that account, he must authorize you at 'Settings' as his intermediary.