(Re)Run checks on invoices

If you like to run again some smart checks on a selection of invoices (e.g. OCR), it is now possible to select these invoices and run it again.

👉 How to use this feature?

  • Go to Manage Expenses on the left menu.
  • Play with the filters to select the list of invoices you want to edit.
  • Click on Batch Action and Run smart checks.

  • Select the Smart Check you want to run on the expenses selected expenses and click Next.

👉 On which invoices will the checks be performed?

The smart checks you have selected will be performed on all the invoices you have present in the Manage Expenses table. For example, if you have applied some filters and out of a total of 1.000.000 lines you have only 14.902 lines filtered, the checks will run on those 14.902 lines. 

In addition, the system will assess if the smart checks selected (in particular the OCR) can run on all these selected invoices. In fact, if there is no document attached to an invoice, the OCR cannot run. Therefore when you run the smart checks, VAT4U tells you the number of lines where the smart checks can be performed. Example:

In our example, 1.000.000 lines, we have selected 14.902 lines and the smart cheks will run on 396 lines.

When you are not sure that the OCR will bring benefits to your expenses, we recommend you not to run the OCR while importing the data. First, import without the OCR running, and with this new feature, you will be able to run it on a selected scope of transactions.