Status "Ready" - What does it mean?

All the expenses injected in VAT4U have a Refund Status. This refund status helps to track the advancement of the invoice across the VAT recovery process. This article explains why and when invoices are marked as Ready.

👉 The impact of the status "Ready"

Having an invoice marked as Ready in the system means that this invoice can be included in a VAT claim (domestic or foreign). Invoices that are not marked as Ready, as an example, Excluded or Incomplete cannot be added to your VAT claim.

👉 What are the conditions for an invoice to be "Ready"

Depending on the VAT recovery process (Domestic, Foreign VAT Registrations, 8th and 13th directive) as well as the country of refund, the level of information required by the system to generate your VAT claims will be different. For example, for Domestic VAT in Germany, VAT4U will consider only few fields mandatory (e.g. invoice date, expense category, amount). However, for filling 8th directive claims VAT4U will consider much more information mandatory (e.g. vendor name, address, VAT ID, etc...).

An invoice will be qualified Ready if VAT4U has all the information needed to proceed with the claims. In other words, VAT4U checks if all the mandatory fields (invoice date, country, vendor data, etc...) are fulfilled. If yes, VAT4U considers your invoice Ready. If not, VAT4U considers your invoice Incomplete.

Ready does not mean that your invoice document is compliant. It only means that the data injected into the system is enough to proceed with the next step. You still have the responsibility to evaluate if the invoice is compliant or not. VAT4U includes an OCR feature to assist you in identifying invoices that are potentially not compliant for VAT recovery. Read more about the compliance check here.

Ready does not mean that the data injected into the system is correct. You will still need to make sure about the data accuracy. VAT4U embeds a feature of reverse OCR to assist you in detecting potential corruption in the data (e.g. mismatch between the data and the document). 

👉 Where can I check the status of the invoice?

There are two areas where the invoice status can be checked. 

  • Option 1: From the Expenses list view:
  • Option 2: From the Invoice Edit view