Submit your VAT4U EU VAT Claims from Poland Tax Administration portal

Follow the next steps to submit the VAT Claim generated by VAT4U on your tax portal in Poland

👉 Why is this required?

If you use VAT4U to submit VAT refund claims from Poland to another EU country where your company is not VAT registered, it is necessary to access your Tax Administration portal and electronically submit the VAT Claim that VAT4U will provide to you. This VAT Claim is "ready to submit" and takes the form of a PDF file.

Note: In order to submit this VAT Claim (PDF), you need to be in possession of an electronic certificate provided by the competent Polish authorities. You also need to be already officially authorized by your company to submit declarations on its behalf. For your information, this authorization can be done by using the form called UPL-1.

👉 Who should submit the VAT Claim?

Any person of your company (or external tax advisor/accountant) that has the authority to file a tax declaration on behalf of your company. If this person has never delivered the UPL-1 to the Polish Tax Authorities, the submission is not possible.

👉 Submit the VAT claim step by step?

  1. Make sure you have installed your official electronic certificate (provided to you by the Polish authorities) in your computer.
  2. Make sure you have installed the "e-deklaracje" software in your computer (this works as an add-on of Adobe Acrobat. If you have already filed any Tax electronic document in Poland you probably have it already installed. if not you can find it here:
  3. VAT4U delivers to you the official VAT-REV PDF file already prefilled and ready to be submitted.

  4. Open this file with Adobe Acrobat
  5. Verify the content of the file
  6. Click on Submit the file 

When the submission is done, please report the status and any confirmation message to VAT4U, directly in the VAT4U platform or by email to