Upload and Manage Documents on Company Level

Sometimes it might be useful to centralize the different documents of a company in the same place in VAT4U. This article explains how you can manage it and save time when retrieving useful information about a claimant company.

👉 How can I use this module?

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👉 Where can I store documents linked to a company?

This feature is included in each company profile in VAT4U. To access it, go to:

  • Settings
  • Select your company
  • Click on Documents

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👉 Who can access documents?

The access depends on your user rights. A company Administrator can access all documents except for the document type "Contract". 

Contracts are only accessible by administrators of the Billed By Company.

👉 Are my documents stored safely?

At VAT4U all documents are stored in a secured way and encrypted at rest.